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My desire to read has suddenly gone in to over-drive! It's funny!

I used to be an insane reader, devouring books at every single opportunity, but over recent years, despite the love of books always being there,  I've found myself falling in to bad habits of simply sitting in front of the tv and watching crap. That's one of the main inspirations behind my challenges to read 60 books this year and to also give up tv for 30 days (or Lent as it has turned out to be): I don't want to be a tv addict any longer!

I don't know whether it's because the last 2 or 3 books I've read have been really good, or because I suddenly find myself thrust back in to reading due to my current lack of television but whatever it is... it's working!

I've just been on the World Book Day webpage, (reached through an article on the BBC website which talked about the top 10 books people lie about having read!)  which led me on to a similar type of page for adults. On it they gave a short list of 10 books which have been nominated as 'The' book to read this year. Further to this there were another 40 books which had made the long list. Just from a very quick glance at the descriptions there are at least a dozen of these books which I'd now like to get my hands on as soon as possible.

This has now led me to my determination to join the local library. My friends can't quite believe that I've never joined since moving to the city, despite how much I love books and how much I spend on buying books so I think it's about time I got myself signed up. Of course now I'm mad that I can't go tonight as I have Club, and I can't go over the weekend as I'm going to be down the road with mum and... well, it's just funny that this drive has suddenly kicked in. I'm liking it though :)

So, stay tuned for more adventures of the literary kind but in the meantime books 10 and 11 for the challenge were 'The Aviary Gate' by Katie Hickman and 'The Birthing House' by Christopher Ransom (which was creepy and very odd!). Book 12 is under way and turning out well so far.


Oh, and just in case anyone cares,or has any thoughts regarding them,  the books I'm currently hankering after are:
Random Deaths and Custard - Catrin DafyddBad Traffic - Simon Lewis
Catch a Fish from The Sea (Using the Internet) - Nasreen Akhtar
Imagine This - Sade Adeniran
Vicky Had One Eye Open - Darryl Samaraweera
I Think There's Something Wrong With Me - Nigel Smith
Joe: The Only Boy In The World - Michael Blastland
Remedy - Anne Marsella
Serious Things  - Gregory Nominton
The Blood of Flowers - Anita Arminezvani
The Condition - Jennifer Haigh

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I'm so proud of you and all your motivation!


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