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Back on track
Pretty much since the New Year I've been playing at being on plan. I've been fooling myself in to believing I was following it properly, but all the while I knew I really wasn't. I've even been avoiding going to club.

Last week I went after sort of getting back on the plan and found I'd maintained. This week I went after being pretty good (but not the best I've been by any stretch of the imagination) and lost 3lbs! I couldn't believe it! Not only did I get my biggest loss to date (aside from my first week) but I was slimmer of the week too :) It really helped me realise that being on plan isn't hugely complicated and it doesn't massively affect my day to day life so I think it's just given me renewed motivation to get this whole thing sorted and loose some proper weight... especially when I never have to be hungry!

The fridge magnet I got for being SOTW said 'See what can be, not just what is and what has been'. Normally I find these things a bit on the cheesy side but this one actually got me thinking. Despite my success I was still finding myself complaining in my head. I've been doing to club for a good 4 or 5 months now but have only really lost (and gained, and lost again and gained again) about half a stone. I was busy putting myself down for having done so badly over time, but then my little magnet caught my eye and made me stop and think. Fair enough I've only lost half a stone so far but how much would I have gained if I'd never joined SW?? How much bigger and more unhappy would I have been??  And I've lost half a stone. That's a pretty good start! Now I'm only 7lbs away from my stone award and from there? Well, surely that's up to me!

It's time to start looking forward and realising what I can and will achieve instead of looking at all the things I haven't achieved. In another few months who knows where I'll be and how much thinner, healthier and happier I'll be!

Oh - and that 3 / 14 for number 1 of 29


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