2009 Meme
Stolen, with love, from meeshy !

1) How did you begin 2009? Lying on the sofa, with my dog beside me, crying about the fact that was how I was spending Hogmanay.

2) What was your status on Valentine's Day? Single. It's been a long time since I've been anything but!

3) Were you in school (anytime this year)? Well, literally 'in school' with my last job, delivering presentations, but if you mean 'in education' then yes to that too. I studied a Higher in Human Biology at night class at college.

4) How did you earn your money? Talking to school pupils about post school education then, laterly, supporting 2 young men with learning difficulties to live in their own homes.

5) Did you have to go to the hospital? Nope. Hurrah!

6) Did you have any encounters with the police? Nope.

7) Where did you go on vacation? Malaysia - to see where my folks are now living.

8) Did you buy anything over £1000? Nope.

9) Did you know anybody who got married? Oh yes. I think this year I've known at least...3 people, with another couple coming up early next year.

10) Did you know anybody who passed away? Yes.

12) Did you move anywhere? From my flat back to my parents' house. Although I currently still own / am in possession of the flat.

14) What concerts/shows did you go to? Erm *thinks way back*: 'Big Hand' in Aberdeen, 'Boyzone' in Glasgow, Tim Minchin and Eddie Izzard both in Aberdeen, and at the theatre I've seen 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', 'Evita', 'Chicago', 'Blood Brothers' , an opera I can't currently remember the name of, the Aberdeen Student Charities Campaign Show and I'm sure at least one other thing that I can't remember right now.

15) Are you registered to vote? Oh yes.

6) Who did you want to win Big Brother? I didn't watch it and I'm not sure I could care less.

17) Where do you live now? Aberdeenshire

18) Describe your birthday? Very, very quiet. I had some lunch. That was about it.

19) What's one thing you thought you'd never do but did in 2009? Meet Boyzone (including my darling Stephen)

20) What has been your favourite moment? Meeting Boyzone has to be up there (it was 13 years in the making). Seeing Scotland beat Australia at the rugby for the first time in 26 years was pretty awesome too.

21) What's something you learned about yourself? That I can do a job I never thought I would be able to do (and that my stomach is a bit stronger than I thought too!)

22) Any new additions to your family? Nope.

23.) What was your worst month? Ummm... I'm not sure actually. I think April was pretty ridiculous work wise. And September was fairly crappy too.

24.) What music will you remember 2009 by? Ooh good question! I think 'Single Ladies' by Beyonce, for a couple of reasons, and pretty much anything by Lady Gaga as I've listened to her a lot this year.

25) Who has been your best drinking buddy? It sounds a bit sad but it might have been my mum! lol!

26) Made new friends? Thankfully yes! I work with some pretty cool new people now.

27) New best friend? Nope

28) Favourite Night out? I'm not sure this year has had one night that really killed all the others - but generally any night where my girl L-Bug is out has probably been a bit mental!

29) What do you look forward to most about 2010? The possibility of getting on to my Uni course, doing lots of exciting new things, finally getting myself sorted and getting down to the size and body-shape that I think I should be.

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*Edited 30/12/09 to add a couple of late-to-the-game-but-still-under-the-wire-updates**

I'm still alive! It's been a crazy year and my blogging has been virtually non existant but I am still alive. Maybe at some point I'll sit down and update on things that have been going on but for now I just wanted to post a (shameful) update on my 29 for 2009 challenge. It has truly been appalling so there's not much to report! Like I said, it's been a crazy year! However - here's what I have managed:

1)   Loose a stone / 14 pounds (0 / 14) - um, no.
2)   Loose another stone (0 / 14) - definitely not.
3)   Fit in to the clothes under my bed or get rid of them - still have them, still don't fit in to them!
4)   Pass Higher Human Biology with an 'A' - Yes! Done as of August
5)   Go to Church at least twice a month ( 0 / 24) - nope
6)   Phone Grandparents once a month (twice from September onwards) ( 0 / 16) - nope.But not far off it and have seen them a bit too.
7)   Read 60 books ( 0 / 60) - I've only managed probably about 30 which is shameful
8)   Visit The Netherlands - nope
9)   Visit Malaysia - Yes! Done as of August!
10) Get on to my Uni course - nope - made it on to both waiting lists but not actually the course :(
11) Get flexible enough to touch my toes (without bending knees obviously) - my feet are further away from my hands than they have ever been!
12) Try 3 new restaurants and 2 new pubs in Aberdeen ( 0 / 3 and 0 / 2) - partly done.  I have been in 2 new pubs.
13) Kiss an attractive man - sadly no (although if the new hottie at work wants to help me out with this before the end of the year....
14) Update this blog at least twice a week ( 0 / 104 ) - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
15) Go 30 consecutive days without tv ( 0 / 30) - YES!! Done done and done! I gave up tv for Lent so in fact went 40 days!
16) Go to Belladrum festival (and have an awesome time and not fall down  a hole) - I went to Malaysia instead
17) Sell my flat - nope - but to be fair I didn't get round to trying
18) Clear my credit card bill - this is half done. I cleared it several times then filled it up again! lol
19) Buy a new laptop and hard drive and back up old laptop on to new external hard drive - half done. hard drive bought and stuff backed up - UPDATE!! - just bought a new laptop due to the sad demise of the old one (will collect in Jan 4th but still purchased and so counts!)
20) Have a massive / ruthless clear out - yes!
21) Swim at least 100 times ( 0 / 100) - Um. Big massive NO.
22) Buy a fabulous pair of knee boots - Yes! My Ugg boots (not technically knee boots but they still count) - and I still love them! - UPDATE - got a pair in the sales from New Look which I love!
23) Volunteer at mum's school at least 3 times ( 0 / 3) - Nope
24) Give up something challenging for Lent - Yes! I gave up tv!
25) Volunteer at the Edinburgh Moonwalk - Half done. I was all signed up and ready to roll as a team leader then got an evil lurgy and had to pull out less than a week before :(
26) Save £1000 - nope
27) Burn CDs to MP3 player / external hard drive - I did some of them but I don't think it's enough to count
28) Drink 2L water every day for at least 90 days ( 0 / 90) - nope
29) Be happy and enjoy life - I'm getting there so we'll call it half done.

I'm giving myself a paltry - UPDATE! 12/29 and that's probably being a bit on the generous side! Still, at least I did some of them, right?

Still, I am undeterred by my crap performance and am hearby committing to 10 challenges for 2010. I don't know what they all are yet but I'm hoping to have them pretty much in place by the start of the new year (funnily enough!). I'm also hoping to get back to blogging soon :)

In the meantime, hope you're all well and having a lovely time this festive season. Can't wait to hear about what you're up to in 2010. I have a wee feeling it's going to rock!

Merry Christmas!

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Guess what?! I’m still alive! I know my mass (ahem) of loyal readers have been worried about my lack of activity and were beginning to reach panic status so I thought I should make an appearance and let those of you who keep an eye on my blog that everything is, in fact all right.


A lot has gone on since my last blog post, a massive 11 weeks ago. (Wow – I didn’t really realise it had been so long!). You’ll be relieved to hear that I’m not going to rehash everything in minute details but I’ll give you a rough overview just to bring you back up to speed. So, since my last posts I have:


  • Seen Scotland play Wales, Italy and Ireland at Murrayfield
  • Seen Scotland sack Frank Hadden as coach (about time too!)
  • Met Boyzone (OMG and can now officially die happy – it only took 13 years!)
  • Handed in my notice at my current job
  • Started a new, part time job doing relief support worker shifts in the care sector
  • Sat my Human Biology exam
  • Seen 2 more Boyzone gigs in Glasgow (amazing!)
  • Been offered to post of assistant team leader at the Edinburgh Moonwalk
  • Withdrawn from marshalling at said Moonwalk due to being ill
  • Worked several 7 day weeks (not fun)
  • Applied for a number of Speech and Language Therapy Assistant jobs
  • Secured an interview for one of said jobs
  • Gone out and partied on several occasions
  • Done various other things which I either can’t remember or aren’t even remotely interesting enough to blog about (like that’s stopped me in the past!)


So that pretty much brings us up to where we are at the moment. I’ve got 15 working days left in the office at my current job and to be honest, my holidays and finish date can’t really come soon enough. It’s been a fantastic experience for the last 3 years and I’ve learned heaps but the time really has come for me to go (for a whole host of reasons which I’m not going to discuss on here… at least not until if / when I  can be bothered writing a locked friends only post. Suffice to say it’s now all about focussing on trying to get as much Speech and Language Therapy experience as I can in order to strengthen my application for next academic year. Of course there’s still the very small chance that I might get on the course this year as I’m still on the waiting lists but I know I’d be stupid to pin all my hopes on that. Plus, I can’t afford to sit around until the middle of September when the courses start and then think ‘oh crap, what am I going to do now?’. It’s pretty scary and I hate not having a definitive plan but I’m in a very fortunate position that my parents will be able to help out financially if necessary and I’m really just trying to focus on what’s going to help me in the long run.


Also, my weight loss has gone to hell in a complete and utter hand basket and I’ve just been miserable about it. So over the weekend I decided that I would go back to the slimming club and try and get back on track. I went along last night, to a different class than before and I’m feeling pretty positive (after getting over the horror of stepping on the scales and seeing that I’m even heavier than I was when I joined the first time round). The consultant seems really nice and down to earth and nothing like the woman from the other group who just drove me insane. So, I’m hoping that’s going to work out. I feel like I’d at least get some sensible advice and support from her if I didn’t have a good week or two, instead of the simpering, unhelpfulness I got previously.  In a way it seems a bit silly to rejoin now when I’m going off on holiday soon but then I figure that by the time I go away I could have put on EVEN more weight, whereas if I stick to the plan between now and then I could easily loose half a stone, if not more. So yes, prepare yourself for more frequent updates as I’m hoping that blogging about my experiences might also help keep me on track.


Anyways I’ve rambled on for long enough now, especially considering I really just wanted to pop back and say hello and do a wee update. If you’re really lucky I’ll be back with more updates and crazy ramblings soon….

Still Alive
I am still alive. Don't worry - definitely still alive! Will try and post soon - I'm too lazy tonight :)

Hope y'all are ok!

Weigh - in
Lost a pound at club tonight so I'm happy! I haven't had the best week, plus I was worried my 3lbs loss from last week was going to catch up with me so I'm doubly happy :)

Just hope I can keep up the good work and keep losing weight.

Weight loss so far: 4 / 14lbs

So, on my way home from club tonight (at which I lost 1 lbs btw - yay!) I saw FOUR cars drive straight through a red light. An-honest-to-God, clear-as-day big shiny bright red light.

As I came down the hill towards a light controlled t junction, I saw the lights go red and pulled up behind 2 other cars in the right turn lane. All of a sudden the wee van behind me swerved out in to the left turn lane, but instead of stopping he drove straight through the red light, swerving back in front of the stationery traffic and turning right! I'm sitting in my car with my mouth hanging open thinking WHAT THE ....??

Then, all of a sudden I realise the two cars in front of me are pulling away. It's a good job I double checked and didn't just blindly follow them because our light was still on red. At that point I thought that maybe the lights were stuck on red for us, or were out of synch or something but I looked at the lights for the main road and they were still on green. Plus, we hadn't been on red for that long.

THEN, when my light turned green just a couple of moments later, I was just about to pull out and turn right, when I suddenly saw a taxi coming from the right and driving straight through IT'S red light. If I hadn't looked to the right when I did (which I didn't really need to do because no other traffic should have been coming), and slammed on the brakes then I'm pretty sure this guy would just have run right in to the side of me. In my rear view mirror I could clearly see his light was on red so there was NO WAY those lights were out of synch.



My desire to read has suddenly gone in to over-drive! It's funny!

I used to be an insane reader, devouring books at every single opportunity, but over recent years, despite the love of books always being there,  I've found myself falling in to bad habits of simply sitting in front of the tv and watching crap. That's one of the main inspirations behind my challenges to read 60 books this year and to also give up tv for 30 days (or Lent as it has turned out to be): I don't want to be a tv addict any longer!

I don't know whether it's because the last 2 or 3 books I've read have been really good, or because I suddenly find myself thrust back in to reading due to my current lack of television but whatever it is... it's working!

I've just been on the World Book Day webpage, (reached through an article on the BBC website which talked about the top 10 books people lie about having read!)  which led me on to a similar type of page for adults. On it they gave a short list of 10 books which have been nominated as 'The' book to read this year. Further to this there were another 40 books which had made the long list. Just from a very quick glance at the descriptions there are at least a dozen of these books which I'd now like to get my hands on as soon as possible.

This has now led me to my determination to join the local library. My friends can't quite believe that I've never joined since moving to the city, despite how much I love books and how much I spend on buying books so I think it's about time I got myself signed up. Of course now I'm mad that I can't go tonight as I have Club, and I can't go over the weekend as I'm going to be down the road with mum and... well, it's just funny that this drive has suddenly kicked in. I'm liking it though :)

So, stay tuned for more adventures of the literary kind but in the meantime books 10 and 11 for the challenge were 'The Aviary Gate' by Katie Hickman and 'The Birthing House' by Christopher Ransom (which was creepy and very odd!). Book 12 is under way and turning out well so far.


Oh, and just in case anyone cares,or has any thoughts regarding them,  the books I'm currently hankering after are:Collapse )

One Word MeMe

Stolen with thanks from ladyheadstrong 

Using only one word, answer the following

Where is your cell phone? 
Your significant other? 
Your hair? 
Your mother? 
Your father? 
Your favourite TV?   Dramas
Your dream last night? 
Your favorite drink?   Malibu
Your dream/goal?  Happiness
What room are you in?   Office  
Your hobby? 
Your fear?   Failing
Where do you want to be in 6 Yrs? 
Where were you last night?   Home
Something that you aren't?  Short
Wish list item? 
Last thing you did?  E-mailed
What are you wearing? 
Your pets? 
Friends?   Fabulous
Your life?   Improving 
Your mood? 
Missing someone? 
Drinking?   Water
Your car? 
Something you're not wearing?   Glasses
Your favorite store?   Shoe
Your favorite color? 
When is the last time you cried? 
Where do you go to over and over? 
My favorite place to eat?  Restaurant  
Favourite place I'd like to be at right now? 

The Good, The Bad and The Smelly
At first I didn't think this weekend was going to be all that great. I had a mediocre day at work, then came home and spent about 40 minutes shovelling foul smelling (and looking) pigeon crap in to bags. (Dad cleared the roof / gutters outside my windows the other day and the back yard was an utter mess as a result so figured I'd better do something about it)

However, once the shovel was safely stored and I'd stopped gagging, I opened my mail and discovered that the job application I submitted the other day has been received and that I've been asked to go for an interview at the end of next week! Good times!! It's for the position of Support Worker for a charity which supports children and adults with various / complex physical and mental special needs. It's totally different to what I do just now but would be fantastic experience for re-applying for the SLT course. It'll involve a fairly substantial drop in salary but that's just something I'll have to deal with in order to get the experience. Anyways, I don't want to count my chickens before the eggs have hatched and what have you, so instead I'll just ask that people keep their fingers crossed for me and I'll keep ya posted!

Tomorrow I'm heading to Edinburgh for the rugby which should be good. We'd better win! But whatever happens I'm going to have fun, and drink cider and oogle fit ruby men in tight shorts and shirts! More good times!

Aside from that the rest of the weekend will be spent studying for my Human Biology prelim on Wednesay (snore) and not watching tv, which, it turns out, is way harder than I thought! It's going to be a long 6 weeks but I bet I get loads of books read!

What do you all have planned for the weekend?

Back on track
Pretty much since the New Year I've been playing at being on plan. I've been fooling myself in to believing I was following it properly, but all the while I knew I really wasn't. I've even been avoiding going to club.

Last week I went after sort of getting back on the plan and found I'd maintained. This week I went after being pretty good (but not the best I've been by any stretch of the imagination) and lost 3lbs! I couldn't believe it! Not only did I get my biggest loss to date (aside from my first week) but I was slimmer of the week too :) It really helped me realise that being on plan isn't hugely complicated and it doesn't massively affect my day to day life so I think it's just given me renewed motivation to get this whole thing sorted and loose some proper weight... especially when I never have to be hungry!

The fridge magnet I got for being SOTW said 'See what can be, not just what is and what has been'. Normally I find these things a bit on the cheesy side but this one actually got me thinking. Despite my success I was still finding myself complaining in my head. I've been doing to club for a good 4 or 5 months now but have only really lost (and gained, and lost again and gained again) about half a stone. I was busy putting myself down for having done so badly over time, but then my little magnet caught my eye and made me stop and think. Fair enough I've only lost half a stone so far but how much would I have gained if I'd never joined SW?? How much bigger and more unhappy would I have been??  And I've lost half a stone. That's a pretty good start! Now I'm only 7lbs away from my stone award and from there? Well, surely that's up to me!

It's time to start looking forward and realising what I can and will achieve instead of looking at all the things I haven't achieved. In another few months who knows where I'll be and how much thinner, healthier and happier I'll be!

Oh - and that 3 / 14 for number 1 of 29


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